Paolo & Josh visit Myrtha Headquarters, Italy.

In October, GT3’s Project Architect Paolo Coyle and Project Architectural Technologist Josh Wardle visited Myrtha Headquarters, in Castiglione Italy.

Myrtha Pools have been developing innovative pool technologies since 1961. Today the firm provide 1500 pools each year in over 70 countries across the world.

GT3 have worked collaboratively with Myrtha on several high-profile sport, leisure & wellbeing projects, providing tailored design solutions which meet the needs of our clients, operators and ultimately the people using these facilities. Across the years, we’ve found that Myrtha’s stainless-steel pools offer several benefits over traditional concrete. Benefits include faster programmes, modular construction options (including associated carbon savings), dedicated wet leisure expertise for our clients, and a variety of sizes, finishes and features.

Josh & Paolo’s visit to Italy gave the pair an opportunity to meet Myrtha’s team of designers, engineers, R&D department and design partners face to face, offering an opportunity to discuss new product ranges and push the boundaries on what can be achieved on projects.

It also enabled them to see how these solutions have been rolled out in non-GT3 projects, prompting conversations around the pros and cons of various design solutions and programme routes. Sharing and collaborations like this are crucial to evolving and consistently improving wet leisure design, not just at a quality level, but by being able to understand (and therefore mitigate) the challenges and barriers of our supply chains and project teams.

Facilities visited included Villafranca, Seven Infinity and Aqua 13 Castel Goffredo, each of which proved to be great examples of bespoke lane swimming pools, splash pads, leisure water and wellness spas.

Their wellness department was of particular interest to the pair, offering a modern approach to spa design with their modular construction method. The new wellness showroom in Castiglione, demonstrates a sleek aesthetic and innovative, practical approach to spa design – the ‘snow room’ was a particularly popular talking point, and we look forward to incorporating similar wellness solutions on a number of our current projects.

Myrtha also offer custom leisure water spaces including interactive aqua play equipment, flumes, splash pools, within a specialist leisure department. As leisure water becomes an increasing draw to destination and family-oriented centres in the UK, it is important that designers, and the industry as a whole, continue to learn from our European counterparts.