Added Value

GT3 Architects is able to add value to both client and project partners through our unique approach to early stakeholder engagement.


Performance +

Performance + is a strategic business service that enables clients to understand, articulate and optimise the relationship between people, processes and property. With an emphasis on listening, learning, leading and sharing, Performance + can help to deliver sustainable business value through a transformation in the way people work, live and play, and how space can be used.

Our approach not only leads to better, more well-rounded designs for our clients, but it also fosters more efficient, streamlined and collaborative conversations throughout a project.

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Core +

Core + is an example of GT3 Architects’ pro-active approach to helping clients to develop projects, and to supporting partners to participate early in the programme.

It is a fully flexible, scalable and ‘best practice’ template design for a leisure centre. The pre-designed solution provides clients with a template for a brief that can be adapted, but which draws on GT3’s experience and lessons learnt, ultimately helping clients to achieve more than expected, to understand their needs and to realise their requirements more quickly.

Read more about Core + here.


Community +

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