People Architecture.

Placing people at the heart of our projects.

Award-winning Architects & Interior Designers

GT3 Architects is determinedly people focused. We position people, not buildings at the heart of our projects, working to ensure that the spaces we create are not just beautiful but that they deliver real, enduring value to the people who use and operate them long into the future. We believe in inclusivity and transparency, from brief definition through to when the project is in use. It is an approach to engagement and thoughtful creativity that we like to call ‘People Architecture’.


Our Work

We are a vibrant practice of highly creative and imaginative architects committed to designing with people at the heart of our projects. We design places, spaces and buildings that combine craft and innovation with a strong social, economic and environmental agenda. We think differently, so we create differently.


Added Value

We add value to both clients and project partners through our unique approach to early stakeholder engagement. Our approach leads to better, more well-rounded designs for our clients which are efficient, streamlined and collaborative. Our early engagement gives us market insight that we share with our partners.


Our Projects

We have delivered a range of award-winning and nationally recognised projects around the UK across sports and leisure, hospitality, entertainment, masterplanning, mixed-use, workplace, residential and heritage sectors. Our skills include architecture, interior design, masterplanning and consultancy.


Our Practice

GT3 Architects is a growing, award-winning and ambitious business, with a drive to redefine architectural practice. From studios in Newcastle upon Tyne and Nottingham, we champion an inclusive, sustainable and engaging way of doing business across the UK and Europe.


Research & Development

We value Research and Development as a way to both push our architectural boundaries and to deliver forward thinking, inventive concepts to our markets.



When we’re not working on client projects, you can often find us pondering all things ‘design’. We invite you to explore our ideas, musings and sketches here.