GT3 Heritage

As Architects, we enjoy the challenge of working in sensitive settings. Our rigorous methodologies and commitment to research allow us to get under the skin of historic buildings and structures, and to understand what is important to protect, what can be enhanced and what can be changed.

By intelligently exploring the history, context and significance of each site, we find inspiration for our designs and help inform our clients’ decisions. Experience tells us that the very best solutions can often emerge from the most challenging environments.

Our design process has been developed to be inclusive, collaborative and transparent. Sharing and explaining our findings with all stakeholders so that a consensus can be developed, expectations can be managed, and the process of change carefully implemented.

Our projects in this field vary from large scale masterplans, through to complex building projects and modest restorations.

Heritage Building Architects

GT3 Architects is a full-service architectural firm specialising in the design and restoration of historic buildings. We are committed to preserving the character and integrity of our nation’s architectural heritage, while also meeting the needs of today’s homeowners and businesses. Our team of experienced architects and engineers have a deep understanding of historic building construction, materials, and methods, and we use this knowledge to create sensitive and sustainable designs that honour the past while also accommodating modern lifestyles.

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