Research & Development

Inventive thinking to challenge our clients

We place great emphasis on research and development, to both improve the process of design, and to deliver better solutions for our clients.

We invest in the development of concepts, based on thorough research and community engagement, to generate market opportunities. By placing emphasis on nationwide social and economic issues such as loneliness, mental health, and physical health, we’re well placed to deliver innovative ideas that provoke discussion and lead to better spaces and places.

Our work alongside leading national bodies, such as Sport England and UK Active means that our designs and developments always adhere to, or purposefully challenge latest thinking. In this way we help to drive the ‘community agenda’ across all of our sectors.

Research & Development Architects

Further, we work with world-leading product manufacturers and innovative thinkers to bring new technologies to our schemes. We’ve been at the forefront of integrating the use of kinetic energy from gyms to heat pool water, using moss filtration to remove the need for chemicals and acids, introducing new materials in difficult marine environments and above all else, working in a different way to help our clients to achieve more from their projects.