Interior Design


At GT3 Architects, we understand that the interior of a building is just as important as its exterior. Our team of experienced Interior Architects, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers and Environmental Psychologists will work closely with you to create an interior that reflects your unique style and needs. For us, success means designing not just for visual and aesthetic impact but also physical, environmental, social and psychological wellbeing.

We specialise in commercial, sport, leisure, hospitality and entertainment projects, and our portfolio includes a wide variety of different types of buildings.

What is the difference between interior design and interior architecture?

Interior architecture focuses more on structural design with an emphasis on incorporating the environment around you by utilising existing buildings, interior designs focus more on creating an atmosphere with finishings and colour palettes.

At GT3 Architects we offer a full range of services including interior design and interior architecture.  

Regent Cinema

Interior Architecture Overlay

Working with our own architects or external partners, our team will consider the Interior Strategy as part of a wider architectural project.

Our designs combine the fundamentals of space, surface and light with the considered use of colour, materials and furniture to create a range of spaces to meet the needs of all occupants.

We provide inspiring, collaborative places that stimulate creativity and innovation and we equally provide calmer, more secluded spaces for reflection and individual thinking. There is endless variety in between!

Refurb & Fit-Outs

In today’s ever evolving and adapting world of sustainability targets, high-street regeneration and repurposing, and post-pandemic workspaces, refurbishment is often an exciting and economically viable way to breathe new life into a space.

Using our own unique tools and methodologies, we get under the skin of a project to understand the client’s vision, culture, and business strategy.

Our team then design and specify high-impact interior spaces and places that improve collaboration, heighten activity and wellbeing levels, encourage organic social meeting, increase workplace performance, and support social value ambitions.

Fareham Gym

Design Guidelines

Design and Brand Guidelines and Corporate Standard Documents are used by many organisations who have a wide property portfolio.

Our team will work with your Key Stakeholders, Senior Management, Operations, HR, and Marketing & Communications Teams to create an effective and flexible framework to facilitate the design, brand and use of a series of buildings.

Our brand guidelines offer opportunities for creativity, innovation and wellbeing, whilst maintaining a level of consistency and familiarity between sites. Examples include wet & dry leisure areas, hotels & resorts, boutique cinemas and commercial spaces.