Nottingham Trent University: Future You Mentor Programme

Charlotte (Interior Architectural Designer) and Josh (Project Technologist and Building Biologist) from GT3’s Nottingham studio have been working closely with Nottingham Trent University, supporting some of their 2020 graduates through a series of mentoring sessions.

This summer, more than 90 mentors have voluntarily supported over 140 NTU graduates with the Future You Mentor Programme.

We asked one of Charlotte’s mentee’s Phoebe, to give her feedback on the process.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your course and why you decided to sign up to the NTU mentor programme.
I’m from Cheshire and studied Interior Architecture and Design at NTU. I chose to sign up for the mentoring programme as I didn’t do a placement year and felt like I needed some extra support whilst transitioning into a graduate having no industry experience.

By speaking with your mentor, what specific subjects have you touched on, and has it been useful?
We’ve gone through my CV and Portfolio, which gave me very helpful feedback and tips on where to improve. I also took part in mock interviews, which have been very useful in preparing me for the types of things to expect in future, followed by various Q&A sessions, giving me more of an insight into the industry and Charlotte’s journey.

Are there any new skills you have learnt, or improved on during this process?
I’ve definitely improved on my graphic design skills and communication skills. I’ve also learnt how to use and develop my LinkedIn, which is a platform I previously wasn’t familiar with.

Since completing your university course, how have you found the employment scenario?
I’ve found it very challenging as there aren’t many opportunities being advertised due to the current COVID situation. Responses and feedback have been delayed also impacting the employment process.

Overall, how has your mentor experience been, and would you say you’ve benefitted from it?
My mentoring experience has been hugely useful and better than I was expecting. It’s given me an insight into the industry, prepared me for what to expect at interviews and shown me ways to contact companies through other platforms. I have definitely benefitted from it.

Is there any advice that you would give to any current graduates that are in the same position as yourself? 
I would advise graduates to just keep looking / searching for opportunities and not to be let down if they aren’t successful. I would also say to remember that not all jobs are advertised and do your wider research and apply speculatively to companies.

Charlotte Stone, Interior Architectural Designer says,

“I’m really pleased that Pheobe has found the process useful. GT3 Architects have always prioritised mentoring and work placements within the industry and I think this year particularly, has reminded us it’s more important than ever to support the next generation. Working with Pheobe reminds me of my own journey [Charlotte also studied at NTU] and I hope that sharing the real day-to-day activities of working in a busy practice will stand her in good stead. Having worked with her over the last 3 months, I’ve no doubt she’ll succeed in everything she puts her mind to!”

A Little on Social Value at GT3

Our social value policy reaches every part of our business. It affects all our stakeholders (internal and external) and every stage of the projects in which we are involved.  For us, social value is all about delivering positive benefits for communities.

This is totally aligned with GT3’s ‘People Architecture’ ethos:

“To improve the performance, outcomes and experiences of individuals, organisations and communities – by design.” 

We arrange our social value policy under a number of economic, social & environmental themes, including Local Employment & Skills, Supporting Local Businesses, Community Health and Wellbeing, Protecting and Improving Our Environment, Charitable Support.

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