GT3 Architects is a vibrant practice of highly creative and imaginative architects committed to designing with people at the heart of our projects.

Since 2008, our award-winning team have worked across a range of architectural sectors, with particular skills and experience in the fields of sport and leisure, community and culture, workplace and civic, and residential-led masterplans.

Our architecture is informed by a culture and longstanding interest in the relationship between people and the design of space and place. Designing with and for people underpins everything that we do, and we work to understand the motivations of the individuals involved. It’s an ethos we like to call ‘People Architecture’.

Our Approach

We recognise that architects don’t have a monopoly on good ideas, and believe that creativity, consultation, engagement and participation are the cornerstones to success on any complex project.

We have developed our own unique design methodology for architectural projects, honed through years of experience and continually refined and tested through practice, research and our links with academia. It reflects the RIBA Plan of Work (2020) and industry best-practice.

Our methodology is based on a clear and rigorous process – we bring our clients and their key stakeholders with us on the design journey, explaining each incremental step as we go and ensuring buy-in at every stage.

By conducting a project in such a way, clients and stakeholders can actively participate, ensuring community support and buy-in from the outset, and generally creating a more holistic and sustainable approach to successful design. It also allows us to demonstrate the positive impact of our work and provides the client with a clear and auditable decision-making process for the client.

Our Project Teams

Our Project Teams are comprised of a Project Director, Project Leader, Senior, Project and Assistant Architects and Technologists. Our teams typically work on 2-3 projects at a time and retain the same personnel throughout, ensuring continuity of service and a raft of longstanding relationships.

Our design process is one of collaboration; we conduct cross-studio and cross-cluster design reviews on all of our projects, drawing on the expertise of the whole practice to ensure a well-rounded and well-considered approach for each project.

We also refuse to adopt a studio-style – each of our concepts and facility mixes are designed bespoke to the client and project in question, meaning our portfolio is as vibrant and as varied as the individuals we design for.