GT3 Runner Profiles – Carys Thomas-Osborne


About Carys:

I’m a Consultant here at GT3 – Growing up I wasn’t a super active kid, other than playing a bit of basketball, probably mostly just because I was tall. After university, I got into the gym and started strength training fairly regularly and really enjoying it. Running has always been a sort of backup exercise for me if I couldn’t get to do something I prefer. I’ve never found it easy and never really enjoyed it! So what better way to get into it than running half a marathon …..

What time would you like to finish in?

I’m sure a lot of people would say this, but I honestly don’t have a target time at all. I’m confident that I’m fit enough to get to the finish line, and that’s all that really matters to me. I haven’t done anything like this before, so I have the freedom of nothing to compare to.

What’s your pre-race routine? 

Try not to cry? I really don’t have enough experience to have a routine! I’ll try and stretch, get a good playlist or maybe some podcast episodes on, and just relax and enjoy it. Oh, and a good breakfast of course!

What are your favourite running shoes?

I really don’t run enough to have favourite running shoes, but I did buy a new pair after my original ones started giving me blisters at the 4 mile mark! I have a pair of Mizunos now

What is your usual running style? 

I listen to music or podcasts if I’m running on my own, but I prefer to run with someone else who can chat away to me and distract me from what I’m doing. Jodie is an ideal running partner for me because she can keep chatting for hours!

Why did you want to run for Alzheimer’s Society?

I wanted to support our corporate charity.

Do you usually like running recreationally or is this new to you?

Running was a necessary evil in my life, a way of exercising when I couldn’t do something more fun. Whether this makes me enjoy running more remains to be seen…

Do you partake in any other sporting activities?

I like to go to the gym and see what heavy stuff I can fling about.

Do you prefer to run in; hot or cold weather? Morning or evening?

Rain always, light snow if I can get it! And I tend to run in the evening.

What motivates you?

Jodie singing UK Garage tunes to me to drown out my complaining.

What’s your fave post-race food?

Carbs and lots of them!

If you’d like to support us in running the Great North Run for Alzheimer’s Society, please donate here: