Chris Parrish – Exploring the hearts and minds of Team GT3!

How would you describe GT3’s workplace culture?

I would describe GT3’s culture as a very sociable and relaxed environment to be amongst. Working amongst my colleagues provides reassurance that if there is ever a query or an issue, they will always be there to assist in any way possible.

Describe a typical GT3 working day in the life of Chris.

The morning generally begins with a nice 35-minute walk along Trent River to get to the office. This gives me plenty of time to wake up as it usually takes a while for my body to wake up haha! Once at the office I check if there are any meetings to be attended and if not, crack on with various project details/drawings. My current project being Spelthorne Passivhaus Leisure Centre.

At lunchtime, the Nottingham office tend to go out for a walk and grab lunch or go shopping, giving ourselves a nice break!

The afternoon usually consists of continuing with project work or attending meetings over Microsoft Teams regarding project workshops, this includes various consultants.

Once back home myself and my flatmate cook meals together and talk about the projects we have been working on (as he also works at an Architect practice). I quite enjoy cooking and have recently been obsessed with cooking Mexican food, testing my limits with spices. I then wind down by watching any documentaries or series on Netflix, currently, I am engrossed in the Stranger Things hype.

What would you say are your 3 strongest skills?

I would say I am good at communicating with others, understanding their needs and beliefs, whilst also being able to voice my opinion. My second being that I have a keen eye for detail. If an objective needs to be achieved, I will ensure that it has been completed to its fullest. Finally, I would say that I am an approachable and confident person, this I feel this is important when working with colleagues, clients, or consultants.

What do you love most about your job?

The greatest aspect of my job is to see the finished product built and completed. Having spent months drawing 2D plans, elevations, and sections of a proposed building, it really is a ‘pinch me’ moment once you are physically standing within the footprint. Secondly, I think working within such an active and friendly environment really is a perk of my job too, as it definitely does make you look forward to completing work.

What advice would you give to any new employee at GT3?

Personally, I would say be yourself and to not be afraid of hiding your character as this is something that the company looks for whilst employing new employees. Working at GT3 shouldn’t be something to find daunting either, working on numerous million-pound leisure centres is such a great eye opener when in comparison to the projects at my previous practice. Working within a team at GT3 is such a great experience and can help develop team working and communicative skills too. Due to the office layout and culture, we are always discussing how everyone’s projects are getting on, therefore having your own opinion and input upon projects is always encouraged.

Tell us somthing most people don’t know about you…?

Throughout my school years, I went on holiday to our family house in France, this totaled around 3 years. During the numerous 6-week summer holidays I had a bar job in a village called Apremont (Pays de la Loire region), it was a great place to engulf within the French culture and lifestyle, where I met plenty of different characters.  Whilst being out there, my interest in learning the French language greatly developed and will most likely be something I pursue in the future again. France is definitely a country I would retire to!

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