Two ‘Building My Skills’ Sessions Delivered to Local Schools.

Luke and Judith from GT3 Architects supported Esh Group’s Building My Skills Campaign in a series of school presentations. The sessions, which form part of Esh Group’s ‘Added Value’ efforts are intended to provide students with employability skills, information, guidance and an insight into the wide-ranging opportunities within the construction sector.

Judith’s verdict… “It was a pleasure to be involved in the ‘Building My Skills’ presentation. It is a brilliant opportunity for companies like us to be able to share our experiences with students and hopefully inspire or guide them on their chosen career paths. On a personal level, I found the experience quite cathartic and I enjoyed telling the student about my own individual journey to becoming an architect. I hope that by taking part, we have helped with the aspirations of the students and have allowed them to see the different routes that lead to becoming an architect, and the other roles that are involved in the construction industry.”

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