Trio from GT3 Architects to perform at Nottingham’s Hot Property night.

Following the efforts of Team GT3 in a recent cycle ride from Nottingham to Newcastle which raised more than £2,700 for mental health and inclusive sports charities, three Architects from the company will contribute their musical abilities to Nottingham’s Hot Property fundraising night.

Nottingham Hot Property brings together the bravest of people from across the East Midlands property industry to raise money for various local and national children’s charities through a one-off, live gig. The event, which is held annually, has raised in excess of £200,000 since 2004 and will provide donations to Switch-up, a community interest organisation and Nottingham School of Boxing this year.

Liz Clarke, Jade Owens and Matt McCreith are set to perform on the 21st November at PRYZM in Nottingham where they will join a cohort of 70 performers.

Each will perform as a member of different bands and whilst the set-list is top secret, we can share that Liz will perform a saxophone solo and accompany 2 songs, Jade will be front-woman and Matt is playing the guitar in a multitude of bands.

You can hear from the musicians below:

Liz – “Having started playing the saxophone when I was 12 and eventually reaching Grade 8, my hobby was put to one side for a ‘considerable’ number of years in pursuit of other things. I have dusted off my saxophone especially for Hot Property, which I’ve attended for many years but never performed at. I’ll be accompanying 3 songs at the event, and I can’t wait to be part of such a brilliant evening supporting great causes”.

Jade – “My interest in singing started from a very young age. As a two-year-old, I had a tantrum because a Celine Dion tribute act was singing ‘my song’ to which I promptly got on stage and stole her mic. I have since won minor competitions, performed at many a school concert and plays, including being a nun in the sound of music… As time has passed, stage fright became a little more alarming to me. My sister is however, the more confident performer, taking part in gigs up and down the country, I would often be encouraged to sing a duet or two. On attending Hot Property last year, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved, raising money for fantastic causes whilst having a great time networking and putting on a great night of entertainment”.

Matt – “I’ve played guitar since I was 15 but have always been very much a “bedroom Rockstar” and never really played live or to a crowd before. However, last year I completed the ultimate best-man duty to a friend and helped preform the first dance at his wedding. Since then I’ve felt a little more confident about playing live and wanted to seek out another opportunity to live out my Rockstar dreams. During my first week at GT3 I was “persuaded” to take part in Hot Property. Having never been before, it sounded like a fantastic event for such a brilliant cause”.