Studio Presents – Young Members Work/Portfolio

Our young Architectural Assistants Arno Decorte, Anastasia Cockerill, and Ted Elliott each gave a 10-minute presentation followed by 10 minutes of discussion. From ‘The Ghana Innovation Farm’, ‘Redcar Steelworks’ to ‘Decoding domestic life’… we explored it all!

The Ghana Innovation Farm:

This was a competition held for an ‘Innovation Farm’ based in Ghana which explores new forms of agricultural technology and sustainable design in the form of a new agricultural hub for the community. – Arno

Redcar Steelworks:

This project focusses on building upon the current South Tees Development Corporation (STDC) masterplan where the former Redcar steelworks is located. My proposal looks at maintaining the key areas of the steelwork structures, resisting the tendency to post-industrial amnesia, while also maintaining the integrity of the STDC masterplan. The driving factor for this project was to transform the Redcar steelworks site through the reuse of materials, reflection, education, regeneration, remediation, and recreation. By maintaining and enhancing the steelworks structures, the idea of ‘memory of place’ is reinforced and preserved. The project was developed at a variety of Scales. Working at the smallest scale, the project looks to open the steelworks structure to the public, encouraging exploration of the industrial artefacts through an approach of minimal intervention, while also presenting an example of temporary occupation through the form of immersive theatre. – Anastasia

‘Decode’ Domestic Life:

This project aims to investigate local housing realities starting from a single domestic practice, with the aim to decode domestic life and challenge our assumptions on the idea of households. Translating them into a Residential scheme that embodies an ecology of relationships. Overall, my aim was to design spaces that reinvent what a household can be. – Ted