Strengthening our Sustainability/Passivhaus

Congratulations to Dave Parfitt, who joins his GT3 colleague Josh Wardle in being a certified Passivhaus designers!

In project and practice lift, GT3s environmental strategy follows a core three-point framework, carefully considering the immediate and ongoing social, financial, and environmental impacts. As director Paul Reed says,

‘There’s no point designing the world’s most environmentally friendly building, if no one wants to use it’

Josh and Dave’s expertise marks an important step in GT3s environmental sustainability strategy. As well as enabling us to design fully Passive House certified buildings, the rest of our team can capitalise on their insight and knowledge to integrate Passivhaus (and wider sustainability) principles across all designs, sectors, and building typologies.

In sectors like sports and leisure, where energy costs per square metre are typically higher, there’s a significant opportunity to enhance operational efficiency by adopting Passive House Principles.

Did you know…

Our first passive house project is due to finish Summer 2024 – making it the largest wet and dry leisure centre in the UK.