Simon Baker – Exploring the hearts and minds of the individuals in Team GT3!

Describe a typical GT3 working day in the life of Simon.
Cliché as it is to say, no two days are the same. Working in a sociable studio the first business of the day is catching up with colleagues while the laptop starts up. Then it’s a mixture of emails, meetings, and drawing work both digital and hand-drawn – nothing beats pencil and tracing paper for working out designs. One of my favourite parts of the day is the lunchtime team crossword challenge.

What inspired you to follow a career in Architecture?
My first introduction to the profession was a surprise one –At about the same point realising I was never going to be a professional sportsman, on a family holiday I [reluctantly] visited an art gallery that was exhibiting the work of an architect who designed sports stadia and I remember thinking ’hang on you can do this for a living?!’. From here my interest in all forms of architecture grew as I became more interested in design and how buildings fit together.

Through University I became more intrigued by the connection between people, place, and materiality within the built environment. This now motivates me to produce designs that are truly people-focused and grounded in their setting.

My dream would be to one day be involved in the design of a sports stadium.

How would you describe the culture of GT3?
Positive, supportive, and people focussed.

What trends do you feel are important in Architecture/ Design at the moment?
Quality of space is so important. Over the last 18 months, people have had to spend more time indoors (such as working from home) and have started to really value the quality of space.

What do you love the most about your job?
People! I really enjoy being able to work with people, whether it’s colleagues in the studio, the wider consultant and client team, or engaging with the local community that a project will impact on.

Tell us your favourite thing to do outside of work…
I am a big fan of cake (who isn’t) whether it’s baking or eating. But nothing beats a walk along one of the many incredible north east beaches…. with an essential coffee and cake pitstop along the way.

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