RIBA article: how to spend wisely on leisure centres

We recently wrote an article for The RIBA Journal on the topic of leisure centres and how to spend wisely on them. Sport and leisure is a key sector for us so the opportunity for director Mark to write an article was a great opportunity.

Local authority leisure centres have a special place in our childhood, but many have changed little since then and their age has been starting to show. As we emerge from lockdown, leisure centres will have a key role to play in creating a sense of cohesion and wellbeing. But are they up to scratch?

Earlier this year the Local Government Association (LGA) drew attention to figures from Sport England showing that almost a quarter of council sports halls and swimming pools had not been refurbished for more than two decades. ‘Too many are now in desperate need of being updated and refurbished,’ was the message from councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, chair of the LGA’s culture, tourism and sport board.

Local authorities have long struggled with limited budgets to maintain leisure centres and refurbishment and replacement are no easier. In a post-Covid-19 world, financial challenges are likely to increase, but so too are community health concerns, including diabetes and loneliness. As a result, leisure centres may have to work even harder to pay their way while serving their communities better.

Read the full article here: https://www.ribaj.com/products/how-to-spend-wisely-on-leisure-centres-post-covid

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