Review – Environment & Design for Dementia Conference.

Charlotte, Interior Architect at GT3 Architects attended the Environment & Design for Dementia Conference at Salford University this month with a view to learning more about how we can help to break down the barriers to a more active lifestyle for those living with dementia and how our designs can actively support mental outlook.

The conference featured a line-up of speakers who looked at how incorporation of environmental design can support dementia sufferers, their families and their carers. GT3 Architects’ ‘People Architecture’ approach places people at the heart of all of our designs, and we’ve worked with national bodies to understand how we can design for the needs of what is a fast-growing demographic.

It is an important topic that is shaping how we design for a multitude of illnesses, impairments and abilities, as well as for well-being in general. James Milne, Architectural Technologist and Environmental Psychologist explained “The spaces we occupy can have a huge impact on our mental and physical health; this is especially true for more vulnerable members of our society. Design informed by a good knowledge of psychological needs produces better outcomes – for our clients and for everyone who encounters the places and buildings that we create.”