Thirteen Group Offices

Thirteen Group Offices

Project Overview

  • Project: Thirteen Group Offices
  • Client: Thirteen Group
  • Construction Value: £1.6m
  • Status: Complete
  • Location: South Shields

A framework of possibilities.

The original appointment for this project was with the North East Housing Association, Vela Group, to produce a high-performance development brief for their new-build headquarters in Northshore, Stockton utilising our Performance + consultancy service. Following the initial brief, Vela merged with another housing association, Fabrick, to form Thirteen Group, with the result that any new workspace would need to support not only the planned change in working practices but also the integration of two businesses with very differing cultures. Thirteen Group strives to challenge perceptions and see things differently, the brand provides a framework of possibilities to raise the aspirations of tenants and communities as a whole.

Our proposals for the fit out of the 4,000mheadquarters office, provided a range of character areas based on our ‘office-town’ concept, where individual and team-based activities can be undertaken in dedicated areas with clearly defined functions, identities and supporting technology.

The office space was designed to increase the opportunity for chance social interactions, to foster new social and professional relationships within Thirteen and to promote the sharing of knowledge and expertise across the new business. Social integration is encouraged by providing a wide range of locations to support formal and informal meetings including the 2 feature stairs that create a short cut within the office for departments to collaborate vertically through, as well as horizontally across the floorplates thus breaking down barriers within the organisation.