The Sands Leisure Centre

The Sands Leisure Centre

Project Overview

  • Project: The Sands Leisure Centre
  • Client: Carlisle City Council
  • Construction Value: £19m
  • Status: Live
  • Location: Carlisle

Blurring urban and rural with arts and sports.

The Sands Leisure Centre in Carlisle is a regeneration development of an existing but tired facility. The aim of the development is to deliver a significant and positive social, economic and environmental impact on the community.

The centre sits on the boundary of the city centre and the surrounding rural parkland and this has gone quite someway towards informing our designs. The facility is also co-located with a music arena which has added further dynamics to our approach.

In an effort to create an inclusive new centre, we have worked with local organisations such as the Cerebral Palsy Society to ensure that the scheme meets the needs of the community.