Sandyford House

Sandyford House

Project Overview

  • Project: Sandyford House
  • Client: Jomast Developments
  • Construction Value: £12.5m
  • Status: Live
  • Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

Re-imagining a concrete complex.

Following the successful initial phase of development of the Scottish Life House complex on the edge of Newcastle city centre, we were asked to create a proposal for the re-purposing of Sandyford House at the entrance to what is now Jesmond Three Sixty.

Our proposals for Sandyford House will see the building become a residential tower and promote a shift in appearance from a predominantly man made palette of concrete and glass to a softer, warmer palette of brick, stone, metal and glass. This will help to breathe new life into the building and will help to improve the image of the estate.

We have been involved in the re-imagining of the whole Jesmond Three Sixty mixed-use site, working to create a ‘destination’ feel for an already recognised area of town for student night-life and leisure.