Berwick Leisure Centre

Berwick Leisure Centre

Project Overview

  • Project: Berwick Leisure Centre
  • Client: Advance Northumberland
  • Construction Value: £21m
  • Status: Live
  • Location: Northumberland

An inclusive venue for residents and visitors alike

Berwick is a definitive Border town which was founded by the Saxons. The reign of King David of Scotland (from 1124 – 1154) saw Berwick become a Scottish Borough. The town went on to have an extremely violent history, changing hands between Scotland and England 13 times, over 300 years, during which the town’s surviving town wall was constructed as a defensive structure. The town finally rested in England for the final time in 1482.

The town’s cultural history includes a prolific boat-building industry and, alongside Tweedmouth, has a thriving salmon fishing industry, dating back to the nineteenth century.

Our design focuses on the fundamentals of:

  • Creating a community heart
  • Delivering a destination with views from the town centre to attract tourists to the area
  • Fostering community cohesion