People Architecture Wins the Day as GT3 Picks Up Major Award

Last week, Associate Director Paul Reed and Project Architect Taylor Grindley picked up Constructing Excellence’s Top National Award for People Development.

‘Constructing Excellence is a national awarding body, designed to highlight and celebrate the best of the UK construction and property industry.’

The People Development award recognises companies which put people first – whether that be through developing their team, supporting their communities and/ or attracting new entrants into the industry. We’re delighted that our People Architecture approach has shone through.

Liz Clarke, Associate Director and People Champion at GT3 Architects, said:

“For a practice with a fundamental goal to place people – not buildings – at the heart of our projects, processes and practice-life, Covid-19 offered us an unparalleled opportunity to prove ‘People Architecture’ to be more than just a strapline.”

The success of this approach was borne out in a staff survey, which showed that 97% of our staff base believed they are supported by their colleagues and team leaders, with 89% feeling that their work during lockdown directly contributed to practice success.

Liz added: “We believe that our success stems from our commitment to placing people’s wellbeing at the heart of every business decision, and our quick and sensitive reactions to feedback and changing circumstances.

Throughout all the lockdowns, Simon, Mark, and our leadership team continued to prioritise a collaborative and transparent environment, communicating not just within our own practice, but proactively seeking peer reviews and external mentorship opportunities with our contemporaries.”

Alongside staff-centric changes made during the pandemic, GT3s workplace consultancy team offered consultation sessions to local businesses struggling to adapt to a Covid-19 working environment, and we launched its first Virtual Work Experience offering for students aged 14 – 18, subsequently supported by both the RIBA and Speakers for Schools.

Simon Dunstan, Director at GT3 Architects, said:

“In a year when countless milestones, projects, and career choices were put on-hold, we made a conscious effort to continually put our people first, as well as contribute to the wider industry and support our local communities.

We are a rapidly growing practice, and we recognise that there is still plenty of work to do. We are exceptionally proud of our team and will continue to align practice strategy and – hopefully – our continued successes with the individual development and wellbeing of our people. This award win is a real testament to our approach and we’re delighted to have been awarded to top spot.”