Our approach to masterplanning is founded on the belief that the quality of place is reflected in the quality of life, whether that is in the workplace, at home or the spaces in between.

We consider the social, cultural and environmental context of a project, always looking well beyond the limited constraints of a redline boundary for information and inspiration but recognising the need to balance creativity with commercial awareness.

Our masterplans range from the development of bold visions that raise profile, generate debate and build consensus to strategic frameworks that guide and codify complex developments. Each project is assessed on its merits and is subject to a thorough and intensive design process that draws on research, experience, and imagination in equal measure.


Our Masterplans

Our methodology draws on the fundamentals of scale, grain, orientation and movement but equally of character, history and identity to create multi-layered masterplans that are truly sustainable to enhance and enrich quality of life, bringing a range of community benefits and creating lasting value for future generations.

Our team of research assistants, engagement specialists and environmental psychologists work with our architects and planners to develop cohesive, strategic, and sustainable design outcomes.

From transport routes and local demographics to local history and cultural references, our masterplans take into careful consideration both existing and evolving communities, whilst also acting as a catalyst for further growth and regeneration.

Our masterplans have been used to support business cases, marketing proposals, funding and wider planning applications, and immediate development opportunities.

A Collaborative Approach

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships and supported the placemaking ambitions of local authorities, universities and colleges, private developers and registered providers to deliver large and small scale mixed-use, retail and residential-led masterplans.

GT3 Architects understand that successful and meaningful engagement depends upon handing over some element of power to local communities, so that they can have a real say in the decision-making process and, therefore, design outcomes.

We recognise that this process is founded on the notion of trust. People are acutely aware of the difference between manipulation and participation; they know when they are unlikely to get what they want out of a process and once trust is lost, it can be very difficult to regain.

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