Nadia Lazaridou – Exploring the hearts and minds of the individuals in Team GT3!

Nadia is an Architect from our Nottingham studio, she is originally from Greece and joined GT3 Architects in 2016, she tells us how travelling in her youth inspired her to follow the career path she is on today:

Describe a typical GT3 working day in the life of Nadia.
There is no such word as “typical” in my working day! Every day is different! Other than my “normal” project work I like to keep my self busy with research and development projects. At the moment, I’m working on developing our Passivhaus knowledge and skills and at the same time I’m doing some research on how we can improve our designs in terms of inclusivity and accessibility.

I am also involved in our “Work Experience” project where I will be able to help young students love and understand architecture as much as I do! Thankfully, I’m not doing all this by myself but with some awesome GT3 people who help me be more creative and more myself (they also help me when I’m having one of those days..).

Why did you become an Architect?
Because when I was little and I was travelling with my mum and dad, I was putting myself in front of these huge (for my size) buildings and I was asking them:

‘Me: Mum, dad can this be our house?
My Parents: This is not our house honey, we will go back to ours in a couple of weeks.
Me: Can we bring it with us and put it in the back garden please?’

And this is how it all started!
…and also, because it’s all super cool!

How would you describe the culture of GT3?
Diversity, flexibility, transparency, motivating, progressive and inclusive are only some of the words that can describe GT3 culture! I love being part of this team, every day is a new challenge and a new opportunity!

If you didn’t take the Architecture route, what other kind of career could you see yourself in?

I would like to be a teacher for kids with special needs. My best friend is doing this, and I love every aspect of her job. I think this is exactly the reason why I am so passionate about inclusive design and accessibility.

Do you have a favourite design style, if so, what would you say this is?
My favourite is Bauhaus inspired architecture and interior design. I am personally a fan of “less is more” and the simplicity, functionality and geometry of Bauhaus was always an inspiration for me!

Tell us two things most people don’t know about you…
I can tell you that I wanted to give up architecture in my second year and travel the world with my best friend (who also wanted to give up architecture!). The reason why is because one of my professors was making my student life miserable… Well, in the end we didn’t do it for a reason that is pretty obvious: we were broke! For the second one I can only give you a hint: it involves after midnight snacks!

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