Mock Interviews and Mentoring at Nottingham Trent University.

Our Nottingham studio has been busy supporting Nottingham Trent University recently, championed by Kelly, one of our Architectural Technologists. Kelly, who is part of the University’s Alumni Fellowship Programme, is keen to support her former lecturers in inspiring students in their final year, and has delivered presentations about her experiences since University.

Kelly, and other colleagues from our Nottingham studio will soon also hold mock-interviews for students, to give them essential experience as they prepare to find their future roles.

Kelly explained “It has been great to keep the contact with the course since I graduated, I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences with students. I think it helps that I only graduated last year – the students can relate and I’m still learning too! I’m looking forward to the mock-interviews, hopefully it will help the students to prepare and it is good experience for me too.’