Mike Pearson – Exploring the hearts and minds of the individuals in Team GT3!

How would you describe GT3’s workplace culture?
Unique, diverse, enriching I could go on and on, it’s a fantastic culture that I’m lucky to be part of. No matter what your discipline or background there is always common ground with very friendly and approachable members of staff at GT3.

Describe a typical GT3 working day in the life of Mike.
My typical working day involves working on projects that are often on-site or due to start on site. I am involved in producing and reviewing drawings that cover the more technical elements of the project. I often describe the role of an Architectural Technologist as ‘The person who does the drawings that puts the building together’. I also help with any I.T queries or problems people may have “try turning it off and then on again” all the way!

What would you say are your 3 strongest skills, and have any of these improved/evolved whilst working for GT3?
I would say skill is an exaggeration but I’d say communication, listening/observing, and technical understanding. My communication skills have improved just from working day to day on projects, which often helps if people can understand what you trying to say! Listening is a skill that is often overlooked, I believe I have learned to step back and take time to really think about how to respond. Starting back in 2017 as babyface graduate I have had some very experienced members of staff help me progress my technical knowledge, still got the baby face though.

Who’s your biggest inspiration in the design world?
Whilst not necessarily directly involved in the design world, Elon Musk is an inspiration for me. From revolutionizing the electric car industry, digging tunnels under LA to solve rush hours, all whilst trying to make humans a multi-planet species via Space X. He seems to have more hours in the day than a typical person and just runs with ideas until they become a reality. Truly inspiring with regards to work ethic and self-belief.

What advice would you give to any new employee at GT3?
Don’t get blind drunk on your first work night out! Just be yourself and say hello to everyone. A good starting point would be the communal table at lunchtime. I guarantee after a week you will know everyone’s name and feel right at home.

Tell us two things most people don’t know about you…
Since getting a puppy I have really started to enjoy walking and hailing from God’s own county I have been exploring the dales on weekends.

From the age of around 5 years old up until 10, I wanted to be an Ice cream man.

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