Matt McCreith – Exploring the hearts and minds of the individuals in Team GT3!

Describe a typical GT3 working day in the life of Matt.
Like most people over the last year, the influx of virtual meetings has meant the working week has become very “organised”. At the start of the week I can usually see which days are going to be full of meetings and which ones I can shut myself off in a quiet room and crack on with work! I have quite a short attention span so I like to fill my day up with a variety of activities and jobs. When we’re in the office, my colleagues experience the benefit of this because I’ll make a round of drinks every hour or so!

What inspired you to become an Architect?
My Dad is a Quantity Surveyor and I was always convinced that he spent most of his day colouring in. He used to bring home A1 prints of plans for me to draw on and pretend I was working on them with him. As it turns out, QS’s don’t do much colouring so it’s a good thing I didn’t follow in my Dad’s footsteps! I seemed to inherit my Grandad’s creative side (he was a Graphic Designer) so my Dad suggested that architecture might suit me.

How would you describe the culture of GT3?
Collaborative. I’ve always found it very easy to discuss each other’s work at GT3. A lot of the projects we work on benefit from shared knowledge and past experiences so this may have help develop this culture. I find it very easy to share what I’m working on and get opinions and feedback from others.

If you didn’t take the Architecture route, what other kind of career would you see yourself in?
I really don’t know! I tutor at university part time and I really enjoy it. I came close to going down the PHD route at the end of my Masters degree so maybe in another life I would have pursued this and become a full time academic.

What is your most favourite piece of Architecture in the world and why?
The Pompidou Centre in Paris. I absolutely love the purity of the building, using the colour coded labyrinth of services as the facades in order to create hugely flexible internal spaces. The way it sits in the heart of a traditional Parisian city block is so striking and I would love to have seen the first presentation of the design from the designers!

Tell us your favourite thing to do outside of work…
I’m massively into triathlon. Growing up I was the furthest thing away from sporty being blessed with an unhealthy mix of being immensely competitive but rubbish at sports. However, in recent years I have gotten in to running and then decided three sports was better than one and switched my attention to triathlon. I love the rhythm of training for a race and the escapism of going for a long run or ride.

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