Jay Pancholi – Exploring the hearts and minds of the individuals in Team GT3!

Describe a typical GT3 working day in the life of Jay.
My day starts with a cold shower to kick start circulation and awaken my whole self. A cup of whole bean coffee, and then I check my emails, prepare for any meetings, and I get to work. Depending on the day, it might be problem solving, detailing, sketching, report writing, or simply responding to queries by email. I make sure to take lunch. I check my to do list and mentally prepare myself for tomorrow. I end the day by going for a walk which simulates walking home from the office (though I’ve moved house since lockdown and haven’t really thought about how I’d prefer to commute when the studio fully re-opens!)

What inspired you to become an Architect?
My interest was initially piqued by the sculptural forms in the work of Santiago Calatrava, Frank Gehry, and the way Tadao Ando plays with natural light. During the journey, I became more interested in local buildings for local people. I take satisfaction in knowing that projects I work on benefit and serve the communities closer to home.

How would you describe the culture of GT3?
A healthy mix of personalities that complement and contrast each other in such a way as to create insightful debate and opportunities for learning and without becoming an echo chamber. A balance between optimism and realism in looking ahead. Light hearted internal communication via GIFs where possible.

If you didn’t take the Architecture route, what other kind of career would you see yourself in?
I think I’d like to have been a woodworker, maybe a carpenter. I enjoy making bespoke furniture and have recently taken up whittling as it’s another way I can work with wood and I can do it on a week night from the sofa! Making things – whether it’s turning a door knob on a lathe, designing the next big piece of furniture for my home, or just some custom frames for prints – I thoroughly enjoy taking material stock and turning it into something useful.

Tell us your favourite thing to do outside of work…
Aside from woodwork, I enjoy bouldering at the Depot in Nottingham. I’m keen to get back in there and ascending walls again once it’s deemed safe enough to do so again!

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