Inspiring Interiors – Internal Space Divisions

This month we’re exploring the different types of internal partitions. Dividing spaces using alternatives – rather than a standard stud wall – can provide variety within the interior and gives the opportunity to change the feel of a space.

Different types of internal partitions can include half-height walls, vertical timber panel systems, suspended vertical acoustic panels, transparent screens, and moveable partition walls. These can be bespoke designs to suit the interior strategy of the space, or a more standard existing design just to add an extra element of colour or materiality. The opportunities are endless for the types that can be created in each scenario.

These different types of partitions provide many benefits to the space, including adding acoustics and zoning within an open space, such as an open plan Office in Workplace design, or open plan Reception / Cafe in Leisure design. They also provide the opportunity for signage/branding whilst encouraging internal wayfinding.

Within these partitions, buggy stores/condiment stations/recycling stations can be placed, to create a well-considered and thought out design to enclose whilst incorporating these.