“Early engagement will bring us closer to the future we desire for our industry.”

Christie Tsiasioti, Architect at GT3 Architects has joined the committee of RIBA’s Young Architectural Practitioners Forum (YAPF).

“I joined the YAPF to represent young architectural practitioners and to support diversity and inclusivity in our profession, not only within the discipline itself but also to support transparency and collaboration in wider community engagement. I believe that Architects should have to connect with and understand the community that they are serving in order to design for that community.

“I hope to engage with other young practitioners and grow a network for those entering the profession in which they can learn and socialise. I am trying to listen to members and young professionals’ interests and I liaise with people from the construction industry so that together we can make newly completed buildings more accessible to the design industry, allowing cross learning from peers and sectors. Arranging events and building tours is a great opportunity for me to get involved, meet people, exchange ideas, understand and listen to the intricacies of the industry.

“My engagement with the YAPF is a platform for myself and any young professional to learn, communicate and engage. I strongly believe that early involvement is going to bring us closer to the future we desire for our industry.”