David Richardson – Exploring the hearts and minds of the individuals in Team GT3!

Describe a typical GT3 working day in the life of Dave.
I’ll focus on pre lockdown but the day starts the same in both scenarios – an early start and plenty of coffee. Hopefully 2021 brings a return to some normality where the day would usually begin with a bit of a catch up with colleagues followed by the standard check of the emails. No day is ever the same and the type of work I do means everyday is different and I’m kept busy. We have a flexible studio with plenty of space and alternative places to work depending on what we are doing, whether it be quiet space to concentrate on a certain task or a more open environment to have group discussions and design workshops. If it’s a Friday, we occasionally have a lunchtime trip to the pub which is a good opportunity to catch up outside the studio and is a great way to finish the week.

What inspired you to become an Architect?
I always seemed to be interested in buildings and spaces from an early age and would always be drawing plans of places I had visited. Then there was Lego which allowed me to get creative in those early days. It seems a little sad looking back but it developed into a love of architecture and after all those years at university here I am with no regrets. Being an architect is incredibly rewarding.

How would you describe the culture of GT3?
People, its all about people. In the studio we all get on well and support each other with our work. It’s important to have a good environment in which to work and it influences the quality of what we do, designing great buildings that also add value and meet the requirements of the client and the people that will be using it. We engage with people throughout the whole design process to make sure that our work meets and exceeds expectations and we always look forward and develop new ways of doing things that allows us to continually improve and ensure we never stand still in an ever-changing world.

If you didn’t take the Architecture route, what other kind of career would you see yourself in?
A dodgy knee meant playing football for Barnsley was never going to happen. I’ll avoid the fact that I also wasn’t good enough! Engineering was a strong contender at one point, but I opted to pursue the architecture route.

What is your most favourite piece of Architecture in the world and why?
I could say Oakwell Stadium, the home of Barnsley Football Club but nobody would believe me which is fair enough. Its difficult to pick one though as there is some great architecture out there. I like architecture that is responsive to its environment rather than something that is iconic for the sake of being iconic with no real purpose or function. I’ve always liked the work of Ted Cullinan, in particular the visitor centre at Fountains Abbey with its relatively simple building plan arranged around a courtyard and the use of traditional materials that respond to the landscape and frames a view towards the abbey. It’s a building which has stood the test of time.

Tell us your favourite thing to do outside of work…
Spending time with my wife and son and seeing family and friends, preferably in a pub with a couple of good beers!

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