Arno Decorte – Exploring the hearts and minds of the individuals in Team GT3!

Describe a typical GT3 working day in the life of Arno.
Much like many other answers to this question, there isn’t really a typical working day! There’s always something new to be working on and always new challenges to undertake. The morning portion of my office time is usually spent on heavier tasks, this could be working on BIM models or drawings etc. Lunch time is always a good time in the office, there’s always some interesting and zany conversation going on or an exciting chess game (sometimes with extreme time constraints!). The afternoon I usually spend working on lighter tasks i.e. updating InDesign documents or collaborating with my colleagues on the next steps for the project. I then end the day by heading down to the local MMA gym and getting myself involved in either kickboxing, wrestling or Brazilian jiu jutsu.

What made you follow the Architecture career path?
I always considered myself to be a jack-of-all trades growing up. I was not really the type to bog myself down deep into a singular subject – instead being more interested in learning enough about each to interlink them in a creative manner. I wanted to be scientific and pragmatic, yet artistic and creative at the same time. All these characteristics are embodied in the field of architecture and since starting my education and work I have enjoyed the excitement of holistic thinking and designing.

How would you describe the culture of GT3?
Fun, exciting and relaxed are the first things that pop into my mind. Architectural studios and offices carry a reputation for being quite uptight, frantic and serious which is why GT3’s environment completely took me by surprise. The environment here is very trustworthy and friendly and I am very lucky to be a part of it. I believe that every architectural office (or any office in any field) should embody the same welcoming environment embodied in GT3.

If you didn’t take the Architecture route, what other kind of career would you see yourself in?
I would say that I would have pursued computer science, economics or geography.

I’m always interested in expanding my knowledge of how the world works and equipping myself with the right tools to navigate it. I probably would have pursued computer science, economics, or something to do with geography as this would help work towards that goal. I can imagine these skills being used to pursue something entrepreneurial like a start-up company or other ventures.

Do you have a favourite design style, if so, what would you say this is?
I wouldn’t say that I do. If you asked me a few years ago I would have probably said Japanese or Post-modern. However, as I became more and more involved in design, I realised that a style can be like a straitjacket if you become too enamoured by it. I now recognise that a good ‘style’ is unique to the site, responsive to the context and user and built with the future in consideration.

Do you have a hobby and if so, what is it and why do you enjoy it?
I have recently introduced myself to Brazilian Jiu Jutsu and thus far I have found not only the art itself to be physically stimulating but also the philosophy of the art to be deeply fascinating. I also enjoy playing chess and making music with my guitar/bass, hoping to get into the drums soon to complete the trifecta!

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